Looseleaf Fonts

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Chuck Masterson

I’ve drawn fancy lettering practically since I learned to write. After enough doodling during school when I was meant to be paying attention, I got good at it and decided maybe I should do something about it.

That something turned out to be designing fonts, a pursuit I kept at for several years. Over the course of that time I finished three fonts, which I sold online through MyFonts and the erstwhile Veer.

My fonts had a brief heyday of very modest popularity, and then joined the background noise of the thousands upon thousands of good fonts that are out there. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten interested in free software, and in 2017 I decided that I’d make my fonts free and open-source, as a way of giving back to the open-source community.

These three fonts—Newt Serif, Solveig, and Walleye—are probably the only ones that will come from Looseleaf Fonts. I’ve moved on to different interests in life, and hope to spend fewer hours fiddling with computers. I still enjoy lettering, but mostly in ways like painting signs and designing tattoos. When I do those things, I get to see someone enjoying my work, and I feel I’ve accomplished something tangible. (Making fonts always felt a bit like sending my finished efforts out into the digital æther.)

If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing nowadays, you can check out my blog, Chuck Masterson’s Actual Blog.